What Is A BMX Bike: Things to Know

Ever heard the word BMXing? Do not worry! With pictures and explanations, this article will tell you all about what is a BMX bike.

Generally, BMX Bikes are designed and manufactured for performing tricks and off-road cycling. These are traditionally rigid framed bicycles with small 20″ wheels.

At first, these bikes were designed for dirt racing on tracks; however, through the years, BMXing has grown to involve other sports disciplines like flatland and freestyle BMX.

What is BMX and does it have to do with bicycle motocross?

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What Is a BMX Bike

BMX is an acronym for Bicycle Motocross. This BMX bike is designed for trick riding and off-road racing. 

In the late 90s, BMX originated in California and was first inspired by motocross riders and knockoffs of motocross motorcycles

For bicycle motocross, BMX bikes were developed to give more people access to motocross, but they soon developed into a sport of their own.

Nowadays BMX bike is not only a hobby but it is also an Olympic sport.

When Was the First BMX Bike Invented?

The first BMX bike was introduced in the 1970s for racing on dirt tracks. Since then, these bikes have evolved into many newer bicycle designs.

BMX bikes were first designed in Southern California to satisfy the imagination of a group of children. These bikes were then made slightly more suitable for kids and sold at an affordable price than motorcycles. 

When Was the First BMX Bike Invented
When Was the First BMX Bike Invented

As a result, lots of kids started racing with each other on their bikes, and this formed an exciting sporting activity. In 1971, On Any Sunday produced a documentary highlighting these kids and putting BMX bikes on the map.

The documentary suggested that the first commercial BMX bikes were produced for younger riders to help them emulate motocross. However, in the early 80s, BMXing boomed.

Several new disciplines were discovered within the sport, and riders used it as an opportunity to showcase their different BMXing style. Things started to change in 1981 when the International BMX Federation was founded.

This federation brought countries interested in BMXing together, and by 1982, IBF held the first BMX World Championships. The JAG World Championships preceded this.

Since then, this sport has advanced to not only racing bikes but now includes freestyle stunting and tricks. If you are still unfamiliar with BMXing, you can check urban environments like skate parks, the streets, or any other area where people ride BMX bikes.

Who Is the Founding Father of BMX?

Scot Alexander Breithaupt was the first person to introduce BMX. He was a popular motocross rider known for his tricks which always inspired kids riding Schwinn Stingrays to imitate his riding techniques and jumps. 

Who Is the Founding Father of BMX
Who Is the Founding Father of BMX

Scot conducted the first BMX, where he created the rules for the sport. He made the BUMS (Bicycle United Motocross Society) the first BMX sanctioning body. As time passed, he became a leader among the kids performing wild tricks on their Stingrays and earned the name “godfather of BMX.” 

Even though he was a motocross rider for the Yamaha team, he was interested in this new style. So he started investing his time into it and promoted BMX in all aspects,  including the media, as he worked with the first BMX publication and tv production.

What Types of BMX Bikes Are There?

Today several types of BMX bikes may sound unfamiliar to you. This is because different types of BMXing require different techniques and styles of BMX rides and terrain to ride on. 

This implies that most BMX bikes are only suitable and adequate for riding, depending on their range of disciplines. Let’sLet’s discuss the different types of BMX bikes below. 

Racing and Dirt Jump BMX Bikes

Racing BMX Bikes are the original model of BMX bikes. They are designed and produced for BMX racing involving several riders.

These riders race around a circuit that contains several jumps, bumps, and turns. The goal of the race is to find the first rider to finish a set amount of laps.

To achieve this, riders use racing BMX bikes because they contain alloy frames and carbon forks that help to increase speed and acceleration. This makes them suitable for racing on dirt tracks and asphalt, which BMX racing entails.

BMX bikes are also size-specific. This means that the size of a racing BMX bike you use depends on your age, height, and weight. 

They also feature a rear brake that allows riders to adjust their speed as they progress in the race. This broken feature and the thinner wheels enable riders to navigate the track faster.

Freestyle BMX Bikes

The freestyle BMX bikes are used for freestyle BMX, and BMX Vert rides. They have large tires and thicker frames that allow them to cope with the heavy impact of these BMX rides.

Freestyle BMX bikes are known for being heavy and durable, providing stability for riders, especially after heavy impacts from jumps. However, these bikes do not have breaks to prevent them from getting in the way of a rider performing tricks.

Flatland BMX Bikes

Flatland BMX Bikes were originally made to help complete tricks performed on flat and paved surfaces instead of ramps and rails.

Flatland BMX bikes are the least known throughout BMXing. Riders of these bikes usually perform tricks and stunts similar to that seen in artistic cycling with fixed gear bikes.

Most flatland BMX bike riders ride without brakes to help them maneuver the frame of their BMX easily without grabbing the brake lever. 

Jump Bikes

Jump bikes are also known as dirt bikes. These bikes sit halfway between a hardtail mountain bike and a BMX.

Most jump bikes have suspension, which helps to cushion the heavy effect of big jumps. Trail riders often use these bikes. 

Jump bikes also have wider handlebars than freestyle BMX, which gives riders maximum control when driving through challenging routes.

What Are BMX Bikes Used For?

As we said, different BMX bikes are used for different styles in a BMX race. Generally, depending on the model type, these bikes are used for various competitions and BMX racing.

BMX bikes are used for a wide variety of rides and surfaces. However, they are more suitable for vert, freestyle, jumping over ramps, and kickers. They are also used to riding over dirt or urban courses.

BMX bikes are used for several purposes, including the following:

  • They are used to riding rugged terrains.
  • It is primarily an off-road bike used for both racing and stunt riding
  • They are suitable for children who have a small bike stature.
  • They are used to ensure maximum durability.
  • They ensure and provide easy transportation.
  • BMX bikes can also be used as a form of public transportation.

Final Thought 

BMX bike, a bicycle motocross, is a small bicycle developed to help riders perform stunts and tricks. These bikes are mostly seen at skate parks and are more popular among younger cyclists. 

Even though BMX bikes were developed to perform daredevil tricks, these bikes have more potential to cause damage. It is recommended to wear protective gear to be safe when practicing it and maintenance and repair are always needed to ensure that BMX bikes function correctly.

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