F22 Tire (US)

Foldable 22″ BMX tire with Aramid (Kevlar) bead, 80psi. 2.29″ (58mm) wide. 488g


Foldable 22″ BMX tire with Aramid (Kevlar) bead, 80psi. 2.29″ (58mm) wide.

488 grams

These tires fit most 22″ rims, check the bead-seat diameter is 567mm to be precise.
The F22 is the best 22 inch tire available, it is lighter, better constructed (made in Europe to the finest manufacturing tolerances and Quality Control) than any other tire available today.

The F22, 22″ BMX tire was designed to be the best performance component from its initial concept. The development of these tires demonstrates Faction’s total commitment to the Twenty2 concept, we didn’t contract a lowest-cost production run as a tentative experiment, or borrow someone’s rejected prototypes to see if the Twenty2 scene would be viable – we went for it and did the job properly! CAD/CAM tread pattern designed from 100s of hours testing all the best BMX dirt and ‘park tires. The thickness of the sidewall, shoulder and tread-zone are sculpted for perfect flex and feedback.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions23 × 21 × 18 cm

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