How Much Does a BMX Bike Cost: Things To Know

BMX bikes come in different price ranges because there are a lot of BMX manufacturers today, and they all have different techniques for building their bikes. However, the price of a BMX bike is not only determined by the brand because the components of the bike also make them more expensive than others. This is one of the things we will be discussing in this blog post.

What Is the Actual Price of a BMX Bike?

One of the objectives of this blog is to inform you of what to expect when buying a BMX bike because most people end up getting an expensive bike that doesn’t suit their riding style. An entry-level BMX bike costs below $200, while a pro BMX bike can cost up to $2000. So, choosing a BMX bike that suits your riding style is crucial when buying one. Let us go into more detail about the ideal BMX bike for you.

  • Entry-level BMX Bike Price ($150-300)

The best method to learn how to ride a BMX bike is to start with the one suitable for beginners. Although it wouldn’t be as lightweight as other bikes, it would always function well. They are usually made of steel and are popular among kids’ bikes. 

The good thing about these bikes is that you can always upgrade them when you feel the bike’s performance is no longer up to your standards, but they are best for beginners or people who do not intend to ride BMX bikes regularly.

  • Intermediate-Level BMX Bike Price Range ($300-700)

This bike is a good choice for beginners who are ready to advance to the next level. Intermediate riders are those people that ride in local areas and compete against each other. They also perform tricks and stunts, which explains why their bikes are lighter and more durable than entry-level BMX bikes. 

  • Expert-Level BMX Bike Price Range ($1000 and above)

These bikes are designed for professional riders because they have a lot of features that make them more expensive than other bikes. They have disc brakes because they promote better-stopping power, unlike most BMX bikes with rim brakes. They are also made from aluminum alloy tubing, making them lightweight and strong enough to withstand heavy impacts or crashes.

What Determines the Price of a BMX Bike?

The components of BMX bikes are the major factors determining the bike’s price. They are also the reason why some BMX bikes cost more than others. They include the following:

The Frames

A BMX bike frame is the major component that affects its price, and most of them are made from carbon, aluminum, steel, or chromoly.


This material is usually found on expensive BMX bikes because they are lightweight, durable, and offer comfort, which are the basic needs of every BMX rider.


They are mainly used to design BMX bikes for beginners and intermediate riders. Despite being lightweight and durable, they cannot compete with carbon or titanium frames. However, they are more affordable than BMX bikes with carbon frames and can cost about $300-700, while a BMX bike with carbon frames can cost up to $1500.


They are the strongest material but prone to early damage because they can rust easily. Steel frames are also heavy, making it difficult for riders to perform tricks and stunts. They are common on entry-level BMX bikes, and you can get them for $200.


They are a better than steel because of their lightweight and durability. However, they are more expensive than BMX bikes with steel frames, and you can get them for $500 and above.

The chart below was compiled to help you understand the above explanation.

Frame materialAverage Price of BMX Bike
CarbonUp to $1500

The Brand’s Popularity

BMXing is one of the most popular sports in the world. As a result, many firms have moved into the industry in an effort to capitalize on the current trend and market their brands. 

Today we have several BMX bike manufacturers in the market, but some are more popular than others. This is because they have been in the industry for a long time and people trust their product. This makes their products more expensive than less known brands because they are bound to produce quality bikes in order to maintain their reputation.

The Size of the BMX Bike

This is another factor that affects the price of a BMX bike. You don’t expect a kid’s bike to cost more than an adult’s bike. This is because it takes a lot of material to build an adult’s in order to support the weight of the rider and obstacles, while a kid’s bike is always easier to build and uses less material. So, smaller bikes are always cheaper than larger ones.

The Components

This is also important when it comes to the price of a BMX bike because they influence the performance of the bike. For example, the more puncture-resistant and durable the tires are, the more expensive they become. This also applies to the brakes, gears, handlebars, forks, and wheels.

The Bikes Maintenance

Maintenance cost adds up to the price of a BMX bike, but this depends on the quality of the bike. You are likely to spend more on low-end bikes because they are made with cheaper material which often affects their durability. So, it is much better to go for intermediate BMX bikes when it comes to maintaining them.

What Is the Price Range of a Cheap BMX Bike?

A BMX bike of this category can cost between $100-150. They are easy to ride and do not need much maintenance because they do not come with extra features like other BMX bikes. However, they also have adjustable handlebars, suspension forks, and brakes.

Should I Buy an Entry-Level BMX Bike and Upgrade it Later, or Go for a Pro Model from the Start?

It is cheaper to buy a BMX bike and upgrade it later, but this offers little to no benefits, especially for a professional rider. It is understandable to buy a cheaper bike with the aim of upgrading it in the future if you are not a regular rider or have a limited budget. 

However, the downside of this is that you might get the wrong upgrade or buy inferior parts. This will make maintaining your bike more expensive in the long run because you will constantly change those parts when they wear down. So, it is safer to go for high-end BMX bikes if you are a professional rider and can afford them.

Does it Cost Less to Build a BMX Bike?

It is better to build your own BMX bike than to get a fully assembled one from the local stores because you can create one that suits your standards. However, this would be expensive, so you should be willing to spend up to $1000 if you want to build a BMX bike.

Why Does it Cost More to Build a BMX Bike?

It is always common for a custom-built BMX bike to cost more than a regular one because the parts of a BMX bike are expensive, and a custom-built bike requires that you get original parts if you want your bike to last long. It will be subjected to rough handling, high speed, and tricks, so you need to purchase the best materials on the market. 

For example, a quality frame will cost you about $400, and you also need good handlebars and solid brakes to promote a better riding experience. Assembling all these parts will likely cost you more than $1000 if you want a quality bike.

Should My First BMX Bike be Expensive?

Purchasing a high-end bike doesn’t improve your skill level but offers features that enable you to control and pull off more stunts than a cheaper bike. As a beginner, your primary aim should be to master the basics of riding a bike, which you can achieve with cheaper BMX bikes. So, there is no need to spend more money on expensive BMX bikes when cheaper ones can do the job for you.

Is it Easy to Learn How to Ride a BMX Bike?

It takes time, effort, commitment, and failure to be successful in anything. So, it is not easy to learn how to ride a bike. It also comes down to your skill set. For instance, it would be easier to learn how to ride a BMX bike if you are patient, used to riding bikes, and not afraid of stunts and falling off your bike. However, if you are in a hurry and want to try out complex stuff, it would be difficult to learn how to ride a BMX bike. Try to learn how to control your bike before performing tricks.

Where Can I Get a BMX Bike?

There are many ways to get a BMX bike; you can purchase them from nearby local stores or online retailers. If you decide to purchase them from online stores, we recommend you buy them from popular stores like Amazon or eBay because you will have the opportunity to see customer reviews, which will assist you in selecting the best bike for yourself.

Final Thought

There is no definite way of estimating the price range of a BMX bike because it depends on its components, your riding style, and budget. So, always make sure you go for bikes that suit your needs and budget.


Should I Go for a BMX Bike?

A BMX bike is worthwhile, whether you intend to get one for yourself or as a gift for your children. The bikes are made to last for a long time and are both a fun hobby and an excellent form of exercise.

How Long Does a BMX Bike Last?

The lifespan of a BMX bike depends on its components. Those made with durable material will last long, while the rest will break down in a few years. However, most BMX bikes tend to break down after five to six years.

Is BMX a Popular Sport?

There are numerous benefits to joining the BMX community. It is a sport that is suitable for everyone. It also features international competitions where people compete against each other and win a grand prize. Many people are making a living out of BMXing, and the best part of it is that children and adults can engage in the activity. 

Are BMX Bikes Heavy?

BMX bikes are light and easy to control. They are not heavy and don’t require much maintenance like other bikes. However, they need good handling skills and are not meant for speeding. So, you should consider your riding style before buying a BMX bike. 

Many things can determine the weight of a BMX bike. For example, the design and material used in making the frame can add to the bike’s weight. A metal frame is heavier than aluminum, but it is more durable. Generally, BMX bikes can weigh up to 20-25 pounds. If you feel your bike is heavy, you can remove the components that don’t benefit you.

Is BMX Bike a Good First Bike?

BMX bikes are suitable for everyone. They are lightweight, durable, and have shorter seats. BMX bikes are designed for tricks and stunts, but they can also serve as a means of exercising and short-distance cycling. There are different models of BMX bikes, so if you are considering buying one, you should make sure you choose the right size.

Should I Go for a Lighter or Heavier BMX Bike?

This depends on how you intend to ride your bike. Some people prefer lighter bikes while others go for heavier bikes because it enables them to perform more complex tricks. A lightweight bike is more comfortable for beginners than heavier ones because they will be able to control them well, but they are less durable if you plan on riding them in a rocky environment.

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