Woodward Old School Jam


Eddie Fiola took his 22” Zeitgeist bike along to the Woodward Old School Reunion Jam in California March 17th.

This was the first official gathering of all the 80’s freestyle legends in 20 years and it was a dream come true for us to think Eddie was taking along his 22” Zeitgeist for everyone to try out.

Todd Anderson had got in touch a few days earlier asking about our bikes, as years ago when Todd was just starting out experimenting with ramps he had first learnt the airs on his brothers 24” cruiser. Todd said the feeling of stability that larger wheels have in the air makes everything more predictable and it’s a great feeling “I wondered if the 22” would still have that feeling and still combine the agility of smaller wheels”.

We suggested Todd ask Eddie for a go on his as Eddie was planning to take his 22” bike to the Woodward Jam. Here’s Todd’s account of the day.

I took along both my 20″ and 24″ bikes to the Old School Jam, Eddie was there with his 20″ and 22″. I only got a few goes on the 22″ as everyone wanted to ride it.

It felt great for doing airs especially on the bigger transition ramps.

I loved it, definitely a big air bike.

Todd and Eddie are renowned for their stylish riding and are two of my all time favourite riders, to think that these guys have ridden our bikes and have been so positive about them is pretty mind blowing for us. Thanks guys.

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