All You Need to Know About BMX Bike Weight

What’s the BMX bike weight? Does it matter, especially if you’re overweight? What components have an impact on weight? Why are some lighter than others? Does a weight significantly impact its speed and ability to perform tricks? This article has the answers to your questions.

What Is the Weight of a BMX Bike?

There are many factors to put into account when determining weight, since riders use them for stunts and jumps, they are designed with durable materials, increasing the bike’s weight. Generally, a BMX bike has an average weight of about 11.3 kg. However, most manufacturers prefer to work with lighter components to make the bikes more flexible and easy to control.

How Does the Size Affect Its Weight?

It’s available in different models and sizes to enable those considering buying a BMX to ride comfortably, regardless of age and height. You wouldn’t expect a child of five years to ride a Pro XXL BMX bike. So these bikes were designed according to the ages and needs of the riders.

The BMX Micro Mini, Mini, and Junior are perfect for riders who weigh below 100 pounds and are not taller than 150 cm, while BMX Expert is for riders who weigh within 100-150 pounds with a height of about 170 cm. 

The Pro XL, on the other hand, is ideal for people who weigh between 110-160 pounds and up to 180 cm in height, while the Pro XXL and Pro XX are suitable for riders taller than 175 cm and weighing over 175 pounds. To help you understand what we just said, we have put up a table showing the models and the average weight of BMX bikes.

BMX ModelBike Weight Riders Height Riders Weight Frame Size 
Micro Mini9-12 poundsBelow 125 cm40-80 pounds15-16 inches
Mini13-15 pounds120-140 cm70-90 pounds26-17 inches
Junior16-20 pounds135-150 cm77-100 pounds17-18.5 inches
Expert20-24 pounds145-165 cm88-130 pounds18.5-19.5 inches
Pro21-25 pounds165-170 cm100-150 pounds20-20.5 inches
Pro XL22-26 pounds165-180 cm110-160 pounds20.5-21 inches
Pro XXL24-27 poundsOver 175 cmOver 175 pounds21-22 inches
Pro XXX25-28 poundsOver 175 cmOver 175 pounds22 inches
Cruiser25-28 poundsOver 180 cmOver 180 pounds21.5-21.75 inches

What Are the Factors Affecting Weight?

The main factor determining weight is the material used in producing them. However, this can vary because we have numerous manufacturers, and each has a unique process of making its bikes. The following are some factors that affect weight:

The Frames

BMX Bike Weight-Frames

The materials of BMX bike frames are one of the things that allow the bike to support the weight of a rider. As a result, this will increase the bike’s weight because manufacturers need to create durable frames to support the rider’s weight and endure the impacts of jumps and tricks. However, they prefer to make lightweight frames because the lighter and more durable the features, the more costly it becomes. BMX bikes are mainly built with aluminum or Chromoly steel, but other materials can be used to produce them.

Chromoly Steel

This is one of the best materials for making BMX frames because they offer riders comfort, strength, and durability. Chromoly is made of chromium and molybdenum, which, when combined, produces a frame that is highly resistant to dust and can last longer, unlike regular steel or aluminum. This means it withstands the impacts of jumps and tricks, and you can also use it in the rain without worrying about maintenance. Furthermore, Chromoly steel is stronger than carbon steel, and the parts are always slimmer, resulting in lighter BMX bikes.


Aluminum has become popular amongst BMX bike manufacturers because it weighs almost three times lighter than other frame materials, and it doesn’t require any modification to remain lightweight, unlike steel. It is durable and stiff, which makes it stable and comfortable when riding against bumpy or rough terrains. However, it is not as thick as steel, so it requires a lot of material to make it durable.


Frames - Titanium
Frames – Titanium

Titanium is a chemical element recognized for its strength, lightweight, flexibility, resistance to corrosion, and temperature changes. These features make it perfect for bikes that require stability, durability, and low weight. They are much lighter and stronger than steel frames, but they are one of the most expensive frames on the market. This is because it is difficult to process titanium, making it a very scarce material. Besides being expensive, titanium frames include features like shock absorbers, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is known for its long-lasting lifespan. It is also a strong material but very heavy, which is why it is not used on adult BMX bikes.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a material that has enabled manufacturers to design frames that are lighter, stronger, and have more shapes than they could previously with materials like aluminum. They are made by combining individual strands of carbon fiber and then impregnated with an uncured, two-part epoxy resin to form a composite material. This is known as Prepreg Carbon, and it comes in huge rolls. 

Carbon fiber comes in various forms; some have a weave pattern, while others are all arranged in the same direction. Carbon fiber is mainly used to craft aero bikes because they are stronger, more durable, stiffer, and the lightest bike frames. They are more comfortable when compared to aluminum frames because they have suspensions that reduce vibrations that riders may experience when riding through rough terrains. 

Carbon fiber frames are also resistant to chemical corrosion, so you don’t need to worry when using bike wash. The drawback of carbon fiber is that it is the most expensive frame because it is labor intensive, and you will have to join individual parts of carbon fiber to design its frame.



The wheels are another component that contributes to the weight of BMX bikes, and they are divided into two: single-wall and double-wall rims.

Single Wall Rim

Just like the name implies, a single wall rim has only one chamber in the rim, which is why it is lightweight when used. It is not strong but less expensive than a double-wall rim. This type of wheel is mostly available on cheap.

Double Wall Rim

A double wall rim has two chambers at the rim. It is suitable for any BMX bike but is heavier than a single-wall rim.

Other elements influencing a BMX bike’s weight include:

  • Handlebar
  • Pedal
  • Pegs

How to Make Your BMX Bike Weigh Less

Are you tired of riding a heavy BMX bike? There are ways to reduce the weight on your bike, and some of them include the following:

  • Remove unnecessary parts: You can modify your bike by removing certain components. For instance, you can remove pegs, chain guards, and any other feature that is not useful to you. 
  • Cut down some parts: Some components on bikes offer little benefit, so you can cut them down to shorten your bike. For instance, you can cut down the seat post and the handlebars grips.

Should I Go for a Heavy or Lightweight BMX Bike?

This depends on your riding style. If you prefer riding through narrow roads or unpaved lanes, you should go for a medium-weight BMX bike because it will provide more stability and momentum as you jump from one point to another. But if you prefer cycling in the city, you should use lightweight bikes for better control.

Pros and Cons of Heavy and Lightweight BMX Bikes

There are many advantages to riding heavy or lightweight BMX bikes, but they also have some downsides. 


  • It has more stability because of its weight.
  • They are less expensive than lighter bikes.
  • They are more durable than lightweight BMX bikes.
  • They require more energy to pedal because of their weight.
  • They are not suitable for road cycling.


  • They are faster than heavy BMX bikes.
  • It has good resale value because they are expensive.
  • They are suitable for competition because of their speed.
  • They are more expensive than heavy bikes.
  • They are not as durable as heavy bikes, so they can only be used on smooth surfaces.

What About my Weight: Does it Matter?

Your weight is not a limiting factor as long as you choose a BMX bike that is made for your size.

Final Verdict

At last, the weight of a BMX bike doesn’t matter. Even though some of the materials are heavier, they are still designed to be lighter than other bikes. Just remember to select the type that suits your riding style. 

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