The Best BMX Bikes For Kids Review 2023

Having a BMX bike is one of the coolest experiences for a child but finding the right one for them is one of the toughest tasks to deal with.

I experienced this challenge when I tried to buy one for my niece, so I came up with this article to cover everything about the best BMX bikes today. So, if you are still searching for the right bike to buy for your children, then you are on the right path because this blog post has got you covered.

Why Choose A BMX Bike for Kids?

BMX bikes are sports bikes that are made for tricks and stunts. The bike’s design makes them lightweight, fast, extremely fun, and easy to control. These bikes are unique and designed with durable materials to withstand the rough impact of BMX riding.

With them, kids can have a fantastic time while also using them to exercise, which is essential for their health and fitness.

Furthermore, BMX bikes boost a child’s confidence because they constantly learn new tricks every day. It is also a means for parents to take their minds off their kids and focus on their daily activities.

Benefits of Riding a BMX Bikes

Below are some of the advantages of riding a BMX bike:

  • They are lightweight and easy to control, allowing riders to have lots of fun while performing incredible tricks.
  • BMX bikes don’t require much maintenance like mountain bikes.
  • They are suited for off-road cycling and tricks, so if that’s your goal in cycling, then these bikes are ideal for you.

Top 4 Best BMX Bikes for Kids

Now that you are aware of the benefits of riding a BMX bike, let us discuss the best ones for your kids. BMXing has seen increased mainstream in recent years. As a result, many firms are now producing BMX bikes, making it difficult for people to find the best models for their kids. This is one problem I am here to solve for you.

This article covers different models of BMX bikes that are suitable for kids, so you have the opportunity to choose from different brands. Don’t worry about the bikes because your kids will love them. They are appropriate for every type of BMXing. Whether your child prefers freestyle or race BMXing, these bikes will suit them all.


Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike with Hand Brake

Dynacraft Childrens-Bicycles Hot Wheels
Dynacraft Children Bicycles Hot Wheels

The Dynacraft Hot Wheels bike is one of the most exciting bikes on our list. It comes with a colorful design, and it’s arguably the best bike Dynacraft has ever made for youngsters. This bike has all the qualities and designs that every child wants. 

For starters, it comes with a sturdy steel frame that can last forever. The frames have a colorful design that will give the rider an awesome look while riding the bike. It also features training wheels to provide stability and comfort for beginners. These training wheels are also adjustable or removable, so you can get rid of them if you feel that it’s not necessary for your little one. 

Another amazing thing about this bike is that it has a padded seat post that promotes comfort and a handlebar that ensures your child stays upright while riding. This means they can ride the bike for a long time without getting tired. 

The Dynacraft Hot Wheels is also easy to assemble. So, if you have experience setting up a bike, you can do this within a few minutes. But, if you don’t know how to assemble a bike, then I will advise you to visit a nearby bike shop and let the experts do the job for you.

The features of this bike include:

  • They have a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake.
  • They have racing shields.
  • Their frames are made of steel.
  • They have 14 inches wheel size.
  • They are suitable for 4-7 years old.

What I like & hate about them

Dynacraft Hot Wheels
Editor’s rating
What I like about them
  • They are affordable.
  • The padded seats make them comfortable to ride.
  • They are easy to assemble.
  • They have hot wheels and beautiful colors.
  • They feature training wheels.
What I hate about them
  • They have no kickstand.

The Mongoose Legion L18 BMX Bike for Kids

The Mongoose Legion L18 BMX Bike for Kids
The Mongoose Legion L18 BMX Bike for Kids

Another fantastic bike on our list is the Mongoose Legion L18, which is popular among young kids interested in aerial tricks. One of the amazing features of this bike is that it has larger tires which boost comfort while riding and offer a better grip level.

The bike comes with an 18 inches wheel size and is often seen on teens, which explains why many people feel it’s suitable for kids from 10 years and above. It is also affordable, and its wider tires ensure that your kids are comfortable riding their BMX bike.

The features of this bike include:

  • They have aluminum frames.
  • They have 18 inches wheel size.
  • The suspension is rigid.
  • They are suitable for teens and pre-teens.

What I like & hate about them

Mongoose Legion L18
Editor’s rating
  • They have gyro brakes which allow the handlebar spins to be done safely.
  • They have shorter tube lengths which are perfect for smaller riders.
  • They have larger tires which promotes a safer riding experience.
  • They have one single crank, and the major problem with this is that they can spin while the rider is performing tricks.

    Despite the fact that the bike is strong, its single crank cannot be compared with the durability of bikes with three cranks.

The Joystar Pluto Kids Bike With Training Wheels

The Joystar Pluto Kids Bike With Training Wheels
The Joystar Pluto Kids Bike With Training Wheels

Ranking third on our list is the Joystar Pluto kids bike with training wheels. This bike is ideal if you want to introduce your child to BMX bikes. It comes with a silhouette design and training wheels to boost stability and comfort. It also features a foot brake and a hand brake to make it easier for your little one to stop the bike. 

The Joystar Pluto is designed with durable materials, and it’s also easy to put together. Furthermore, they are lightweight and come in different colors and sizes to suit your child.

The features of this bike include:

  • They have a single speed.
  • They have 14 inches wheel size.
  • They are suitable for little kids.

What I like & hate about them

The Joystar Pluto
Editor’s rating
  • They come in many colors.
  • They are affordable.
  • They have training wheels.
  • They have a hand and foot brake.
  • They have padded seats to promote comfort.
  • They are mainly pre-assembled to support and make it easier for you to assemble them.
  • They are only meant for little kids.

The Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus BMX Bike

The Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus
The Diamondback Bicycles Youth Nitrus

The Diamondback bicycle is a transition bike, and it’s ideal for kids who have outgrown their baby bikes. This bike enables kids to improve their riding skills and comes with intermediate components and quality frames. It allows beginners to have better control of their bikes. Even though it was not designed for tricks and stunts, this bike can handle rough terrains. 

Furthermore, it has a rear-mounted linear brake that allows your kids to stop whenever they want to, ensuring their safety while riding. It also features handlebars and seats that provide a high level of comfort for the rider.

The Diamondback bicycle is the perfect bike for any child who wants to learn how to ride properly, and this is why many parents prefer to buy them before going for a permanent bike.

The features of this bike include:

  • Their frames are made of steel.
  • They have a linear-pull rear brake.
  • They have 20 inches of wheel size
  • They are suitable for 7-9 years.

What I like & hate about them

Diamondback Nitrus
Editor’s rating
  • Their knobby tires make them suitable for both paved and unpaved surfaces.
  • Their thicker tires promote a better shock absorber.
  • The bike is slightly heavy, and this limits the number of tricks you can perform with them.

    However, this shouldn’t be a problem because this bike is intended for beginning BMX riders, and they should be more concerned with learning how to ride a bike than executing tricks.

BMX Bike Size Guide for Kids

BMX bikes come in many sizes, and picking the right wheel size plays a crucial role in ensuring that your child will be able to ride a BMX bike. So it is as important as buying a bike with durable frames. Below are the recommended wheel sizes for kids. 

AgeWheel Size in InchesWheel Size in CMS
1-4 yearsBalanced Bike70-90 cm
4-6 years1280-100 cm
5-9 years1490-130 cm
7-14 years16100-140 cm
14+ years18130-160 cm
14+ years20155-150cm

Buying Guide for Kids BMX Bikes 

BMX bikes are one of the best bikes in the world. Their robust and lightweight nature makes them suitable for kids and adults. They also come in various sizes, features, and types. As a result, there are many things you should know before spending money on them.

Riders Age

BMX bikes are in different sizes to suit every rider’s weight and height. So, before purchasing a BMX bike for your child, make sure you select the ideal size for them because it can affect their riding experience. 

Purpose of Use

A regular BMX bike is suitable for any child. However, if your child enjoys racing or dirt jumping, I would advise you to go for BMX bikes with a durable frame and brake to withstand the impact they would inflict on the bike and ensure their safety.

The Frame

Many people neglect this part, but this is one of the things you should know before buying a BMX bike for your kid. BMX bikes with steel frames are the strongest but also the heaviest, making it difficult to perform tricks. This is one of the reasons why its popularity has declined in recent years. 

Many companies design their frames with lightweight materials like Chromoly, carbon fiber, or aluminum because they make it easier for kids to perform air stunts. So, you should consider the type of frame that will fit your child’s riding style.


BMX bikes are classified according to their features, durability, and price. And according to these standards, BMX bikes with quality features will cost more than regular ones. So, you should choose the best one with the components that fit your budget.  

The Safety Tips for Kids When Riding BMX Bike

The Safety Tips for Kids When Riding BMX Bike
The Safety Tips for Kids When Riding BMX Bike

Riding a BMX bike is a fun and exciting activity for kids. However, safety should always be the top priority. You need to take extra precautions. Here is a list of safety tips for kids when riding their BMX bikes.

  • Always make sure that your child is wearing a helmet and properly fit it on his or her head. A helmet is a crucial piece of protective equipment for your child to wear on their head when they ride a bike or play outside. Because that is the only way to avoid sustaining head injuries.
  • Make sure that your child is wearing the right type of clothing and shoes for riding a bike. Always wear shoes that keep your kid’s feet protected. Make sure that your kid tires your shoelaces properly before riding your bike. Never ride with untied shoelaces because they can come in contact with a BMX bike and lead to an accident.
  • Make sure that your child has enough light while riding their bike at night. Wear bright clothes because their reflection will allow people to see quickly.
  • Some other tips include wearing elbow and knee pads, wearing gloves and a long-sleeved to protect against scratches and scrapes, as well as wearing appropriate clothing that won’t get caught up in the spokes of the wheels or chain ring.

Children don’t always follow the rules, always keep an eye on your children while they are playing or riding their bikes.

Final Thought

There are various types of BMX bikes for kids, which can get confusing when selecting the right one for your little one. The best way to determine if a BMX bike suits your need is to check for factors like the bike’s weight, durability, price tag, and if it’s easy to control. 

BMX bikes are every kid’s dream bike. So, every child should be able to ride their own. If you are still confused about the right bike to buy, you can always select from the ones listed above. They have been tested and have a lot of positive feedback, so you don’t need to worry about their performance.

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