Are Bmx Bikes Good for Long Distance Riding: Things to Know

They are suitable for many things but are Bmx bikes good for long distance? In this article, We will also see the problems of BMX bike

BMX are those bikes made for jumps and tricks. They are used in skateparks, streets, and racing competitions. They originated in the 1970s when kids sought an alternative to expensive motocross bikes. They were seeking a way to ride their bikes on dirt, just like motocross riders. This led to the introduction of the BMX bikes.

Many people now use these bikes for various activities but are they suitable for long-distance riding? No! This is because they come with multiple features, which makes them different from other bikes.

BMX are those bikes made for jumps and tricks
BMX are those bikes made for jumps and tricks

For instance, they are often smaller than other bikes and feature shorter frames, tires, and seats. These features are crucial to providing the comfort required for long-distance riding because riding a bike with shorter frames and seats will make riding difficult, especially for taller riders.

When riding a bike, you need to stretch your legs comfortably to pedal and keep the bike moving, but when you can’t do this, you will have to put more energy into pedaling, which will get you tired quickly. This is one of the downsides of BMX bikes because they have shorter seats, making it uncomfortable to pedal while sitting down. It was designed for short-distance riding and tricks, and to perform those tricks in a short while, you need to put enough energy into pedaling action. This is why BMX riders ride their bikes while standing.

In addition, the brakes are weak when compared to other bikes. It was built to brake down by using your foot, making it dangerous for long-distance riding because you will be riding a bike with no brake. 

What Are Bmx Bikes Bad At?

They are bad at traveling uphill, even for professional athletes. As we all know, riding up hills requires energy and comfort, so imagine what it will feel like to put in the effort while standing on a BMX bike. There are different reasons why a BMX bike is not suitable for riding on hills or long distances. 

What Are Bmx Bikes Bad At
What Are Bmx Bikes Bad At

For starters, the bike is too small, so you must stand up to peddle effectively. This will cause severe pain in your back because you are riding uncomfortably. Most people who ride on hills with BMX bikes suffer from severe back pain. So avoiding using a BMX bike for such activity is better to prevent exposing your back to such problems. 

If that wasn’t enough, the gear system of the BMX bike does not suit uphill riding. This is because as you are climbing those hills, you will need to switch to a higher gear to make it easier for you to climb those hills. However, BMX bikes come with a single gear, meaning it will take a lot more effort to ride past a certain location, especially if the gear is not suited for that hill. This will make riding more difficult and frustrating than it should be.

Can You Convert Bmx for Long-Distance Riding?

Can You Convert Bmx for Long-Distance Riding
Can You Convert Bmx for Long-Distance Riding

You can convert a BMX bike for long-distance riding, but it won’t be as comfortable as riding a bike made for it.

  • Seats: You can start by raising your seats, which will help you to stretch your legs further than usual.
  • Change your tires: You need to go for tires similar to those on a mountain bike because it increases stability and provides more grip while cycling.
  • Go for bikes with padded seats: BMX bikes were built to ride while standing. As a result, the centers don’t offer much comfort if used for a long time. So go for bikes with padded seats, or you can change them by purchasing seat covers online.

What Are the Best Bikes for Long-Distance Riding?

While They are perfect for jumps and tricks, there are bikes suitable for long-distance riding. Some of them include:

Mountain Bike 

Mountain Bike
Mountain Bike

They are those bikes designed for off-road cycling. They have suspensions or shock absorbers that help absorb those impacts from large potholes that might make riding uncomfortable. They also have different gears, which makes it possible to switch to a higher gear when you want to speed up things.

Touring Bike 

This bike is ideal for long-distance cycling. It was built for those who take longer trips. So it was made to be comfortable, stable, strong, and capable of carrying heavy loads. It has a frame design that favors comfort, stability, and utility over speed. 

Touring Bike
Touring Bike

It also features a long wheelbase. This means that the wheels on touring bikes are farther apart than those on a traditional road or mountain bike. The long wheelbase is because such designs are comfortable on your body and the extra length ensures your feet and legs don’t hit the equipment you are carrying on the back of your bicycle as you pedal. It also has multiple mounting points for rear racks and water bottle cages.

Hybrid Bike

This bike combines the efficiency of road bikes with the stable handling and wide gearing of mountain bikes. They are great for long-distance cycling as well as fitness training. They are built around durable frames that offer a comfortable cycling position, 

Hybrid Bike
Hybrid Bike

The wheels are the same size as regular or road bikes, but the tires are often bigger. This means you get more cushioning for smoother rides. Hybrid bikes have the type of mountain bike gears. This means you have more gears, making climbing much easier than using a BMX bike. It also offers the same brake as a mountain bike, providing more stopping power.

Gravel Bike

Gravel Bike
Gravel Bike

A gravel bike is similar to a touring bike. This implies that it is suitable for both road and off-road cycling. They have bigger and wider tires that offer great comfort on rough terrains. They are fast, which means you can cover several miles within a short time. 

What Do I Look Out for if I Want to Use Bmx for Long-Distance Cycling?

BMX is not suitable for this activity, but if you consider using it for this purpose, there are a lot of measures you need to take since you are not using it for its intended purpose.

  • Check Your Pedals 

Riding through rough terrains on a BMX bike can be dangerous since it was not designed for such activities. So it would help if you take precautions before going out. For instance, always ensure your pedals are fitted before taking them for a ride. You can start by tightening the screws on the BMX bike pedals to prevent them from falling apart in the middle of the road since they are made of metal or plastic.

  • Check Your Tire Pressure

This is one of the primary things to look out for when caring for and maintaining your bike because it can determine how long it will last. You should often check out your tire pressure because too much air can make your tires strong, while too little air would make them soft. So you should consider checking them out at least twice a month. You can also visit your bike’s manufacturers to get the perfect tire for long-distance riding.

  • Bearing and Chains

The bearings and chains are one the most critical parts of a bike, so you should regularly check them out. Always make sure to lubricate them because they are one of the features that affect how well a bike moves.

Final Word

A BMX bike isn’t ideal for long-distance riding unless you make modifications. However, if you decide to use a BMX bike for long-distance cycling, you should be aware of its risks. They are not designed to provide the comfort needed for activities. So, we advise you to use your protective gear to avoid severe injuries.


How Far Can a Bmx Bike Go?

Speed is not a problem when it comes to BMX bikes. It was designed to be very fast due to the activities riders use it for. The downside of a BMX bike is that you might get tired quickly while pedaling because it has a single gear and is much shorter than other bikes. Most BMX bikes can cover nine miles, but this is not considered long-distance riding if you compare it to how far you can go with a touring bike.

Are Bmx Bikes Comfortable to Ride?

They are comfortable if you intend to use them for short rides. However, they become uncomfortable when you ride them over long distances or on rough terrain because they lack some features designed for such movements.

Why Do Adults Ride Bmx Bikes?

People ride BMX for various reasons. For example, it can serve as a means of exercising, cruising, training, and having fun.

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