Are Bmx Bikes Good For Cruising: Things to Know

BMX bikes can be used for various things but are Bmx bikes good for cruising? This article will answer all your questions.

They are lightweight and fast, which explains why they are popular in this generation. You can use them for racing competitions, street riding, and stunts. Seeing riders using BMX bike for various things might make you want to ditch your regular bike for a BMX bike. But are they good for cruising? No, they are not suitable for cruising, especially if you are doing it for a long time. 

They were designed for specific purposes, and cruising is not one of them. When you say cruising, we assume you are referring to riding around your neighborhood or from one point to another with no tricks or stunts. This implies that you want to be able to ride your bike without putting much effort into moving it. If so, we advise you to go for cruiser bikes because BMX bikes wouldn’t provide as much comfort as they would when cruising around. 

Why Are Not Good?

They have various features which make them unique. However, they are also the reason why they are unsuitable for cruising. Let’s discuss these features in more detail. 

  • The Seats Are Low

Have you ever wondered why BMX riders usually stand while riding their bikes? This is because the seats are too low, and they will need to stand to generate enough power into the pedals. Doing this can get you tired quickly because you don’t get to relax your body while riding. On the other hand, cruising requires comfort, and riding a bike with low seats will force you to apply more energy to those pedals, leading to discomfort over time.

  • There Is no Provision for a Leg Extension

Another distinguishing factor regarding the comfort needed for cruising is that the designs of seats make it impossible to attain full leg extension when pedaling. The only way you can stretch your legs is by standing while pedaling, and this can be challenging if you are tall and riding over long distances.

Why Are BMX bikes Not Good for Cruising
Why Are Not Good
  • It Doesn’t Have the Right Gears

You don’t always expect to be riding on flat surfaces as a cruiser. Sometimes you may find yourself dealing with rough terrains or a hilly environment. When it comes to this, the BMX bike might not be able to cope because it has a single gear, making it more challenging to cruise or climb hills and terrains. This is because most times, you will need to switch to a higher gear to climb those steep hills, so riding a BMX bike in which the gear system is limited will only make it tough to climb those hills.

  • The Tires and Frames

Even though frames and tires can withstand impacts from stunts and pass through some terrain, they are unsuitable for long-distance riding. The frames are smaller than those on other bikes, and riding a bike with a short frame will always stress your back and legs, which might result in serious injuries when you ride far distances.

  • It Has no Suspension

You will likely encounter many things when you cruise for a long time. For instance, you may experience a series of potholes along the way. So, it would be better if you had a bike with shock absorbers (suspension) to reduce the effects of these holes on your body by absorbing them. But BMX bikes do not have this suspension, so you will likely feel all the impacts on the way, which will be uncomfortable.

What About the BMX Bike Cruiser? Can’t I Use Them for Cruising?

As a human, when you hear the name “BMX bike cruiser,” you will naturally assume that this bike is made for cruising. Unfortunately, they are not suitable. The only difference between them and regular BMX bikes is that they have larger wheels of about 24-26 inches. 

Cruiser Bike
Cruiser Bike

Despite solving some of the downsides of a regular BMX bike, like long-distance riding, it doesn’t remove the fact that they have lower seats. So you still don’t have enough space to stretch your legs while pedaling. They also have those shorter frames we discussed above. These bikes are called BMX bike cruisers because of their excellent jumping abilities. Apart from this, they are still BMX bikes and are only designed for stunts and tricks.

Can I Use It to Cover Short Distance Cruises?

There is no reason you cannot use it to cover short-distance places. Even though it’s not the best for cruising, you can still move around with it. The only time you will have a problem with a BMX bike is when you want to use it for long-distance riding. 

However, if you find yourself cruising in situations where you have to jump and pass obstacles, then you can use it because you are no longer cruising but using them for its intended purpose.

Can I Convert for Cruising?

You can convert it to be used, but it wouldn’t provide the same level of comfort as cruiser bikes. However, suppose you are considering converting your BMX bike for this purpose. 

We advise you to do this because they have larger wheels that allow you to stretch your legs further and improve pedaling better than the regular BMX bike. But remember that you still have to deal with issues like shorter frames and lower seat issues. You cannot solve the problem of a shorter frame, but you can make your seats more comfortable by getting a padded seat. Thanks to technology, you can buy the sit covers online or exchange them for another. 

Either way, you get to make the seats better. However, you still have the issue of lower seats. The only way to solve this is to raise your seat. Even though it wouldn’t be as high as you want, it will still be much better than the initial height.

How to Choose a Bmx Bike for Cruising

Do you wish to cruise and perform stunts on a BMX bike? Well, you can achieve this goal. The only problem is buying the right BMX bike. Picking the right bike can be as challenging and frustrating as learning how to ride a BMX bike. However, we believe the advice provided below will assist you in finding the best BMX bike for cruising.

  • Think About Why You Are Buying It

Remember that it is still a BMX bike, and what you are looking for is just an additional feature. So, in this case, consider where you plan on riding the bike. Today we have BMX bikes for different purposes. 

For example, we have bike riding on trails, skateparks, flatland, streets, etc. The BMX bike you choose will play a massive role in whether you can use it for cruising. So, consider the bike and how far you intend to go. We also advise you to go for BMX bikes with padded seats to make them more comfortable.

One of the downsides of BMX bikes since their invention is that they have shorter frames, making them unsuitable for most activities. However, as BMX grew in popularity, so did the industry. 

Today we have BMX bikes with adjustable frames, and these are the bikes you should consider buying. If you have a BMX with adjustable frames, you easily adjust it to fit your preference. Short frames are ideal for performing tricks, while long frames are suitable for cruising. 

Also, remember to choose a frame made of quality materials. Aluminum frames are ideal for BMX racing because they are lightweight, while steel frames are durable and easy to maintain.

  • Check the Size of the Tires

Most they have 20 inches tires. This is too small if you compare them to what cruiser bikes have. So, if you plan on getting it for cruising, go for ones with bigger wheels. You can go for BMX cruiser bikes with 24 inches wheels. They are perfect for taller riders and will serve you well.

Final Verdict

BMXing has become a popular sport worldwide, and even though they were designed for stunting and jumping, many still debate that it can serve as a cruiser bike. The features of this bike were not meant for cruising long-distance, but if you find a way to solve this problem, you can go ahead. After all, only you can determine what gives you happiness and comfort.

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